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ANC offers a fully equipped and commercially licensed facility to prepare food products for licensed sale. Food entrepreneurs using our kitchen have access to business development workshops, marketing support, and assistance in securing licenses.

We have made it the mission of our incubator kitchen to support entrepreneur success. It takes an entire community of supporters and resources to guide, connect, fund, and advocate for beginning entrepreneurs.  It's our goal to provide a low-risk opportunity for people to give their business idea a try. 

The ANC Incubator Kitchen maker community is diverse in its offerings. We have businesses that make hot ready-to-eat meals, provide catering services, meal delivery services, and produce value-added products.

If you have any questions about renting the kitchen or would like some information on the food, and products being produced in the kitchen, contact the Kitchen and Facilities Manager, Matt Jones at or 517-999-3921.  


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